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Create a database of property investors, with 6 key record systems

14th Dec 2016

Create a database of property investors, with 6 key record systems


a. Overall database

b. Investor prospects

c. Hot investor prospects

d. Converted investors

e. Previous investors

f. Vetoed investors

Use a contact management system to record where each relationship is at – you may find excel is all you need, to record conversations and next steps. Start by inputting in every property contact you have made – and add to it every time you meet people at events. This will help you develop up a longer ‘prospect’ list and a shorter ‘hot’ list of investors, whose needs and requirements will change over time, so it is useful to ensure you stay in touch, personally, with your list.

I found that by creating a ‘prospect’ list of around 300 property contacts and by working my way through that list by having conversations with each and every one, I had a shorter ‘hot’ list of 50. From there I was able to develop Investor Relationships to enable me to buy my portfolio and jump out of my full time job within 18 months of starting in property. It doesn’t take long if you are determined and have a great bunch of people to work with!


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