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Meet the team

TGPC Originals

We want to celebrate the TGPC originals, Jess, Tiffany, Terry and Ash. They were the original crew working in Susie’s house (in her mezzanine). Well, we were boot strapping entrepreneurs and no need to pay for rent / buy an office till it was busting.  As a team we created systems, looked after early mentees and workshop delegates and kicked ass in the lettings department, nailing it!

In the main, they have  moved on with the next stage of their personal journey and life, but not after a ton of adventures.

Super early starts to exhibit in London. We were terrified, our biggest event ever and our accommodation got cancelled that morning (Terry, aaaahhh!). We slept draped on sofas and guest beds.

They called out to folks to explain how we could help them in property (Susannah Cole, who is that?)

Having a moment (Tiff, baby?) with a belligerent tenant who remained locked in his shower. He did not dare show his face to the righteous anger of  a letting agent being messed around once too often!

Supporting Susie ‘earning her stripes’ as she drove back at 3am after a talk, and started work again at 6am. TGPC was too fledgling to be able to pay for a hotel!

Jess at times was been known to sing out to Susie the next call appointment whilst handing her the dialled phone! (Tact, all about the tact).

Resources for You Guys

You can do this, Susannah did, from a kitchen table start up. TGPC has now sourced well over 200 deals, at an agreed purchase price of £30 million and an end value (after refurb) of £41 million.

As a result of our work, our mistakes (they do sometimes happen, we are all human!) and the speedbumps we have encountered in property, we have now produced lots of high quality online resources for you guys, to help you succeed in property.


TGPC’s Pick for you: Starting Out

If you are starting out, then the key skills you will need are

Key Skill One: How to Source Profitable Deals

Key Skill Two: How to Raise Finance

(we pretty much all run out of money at some point in property!)

Key Skill Three: Property Business Planning

How to Set your Goals in a Professional Way to give you the best chance of succeeding


TGPC’s Pick for you: Already Experienced

If you are already experienced in property, then wonderful. Let’s focus on you getting even better, which will be ace fun. You might like to focus on:

Extra String to Your Bow One: Buy to Sell to Generate Lump Sums of Cash

Extra String to Your Bow Two: Doing Joint Ventures with partners

(who will likely benefit from your experience, and bring the money so you can scale)

Extra String to Your Bow Three:  Adding to your Cash Flow by Sourcing Deals

(you will need a brochure and a Sourcing Agency Agreement at the very least)

We have tons more resources for you such as the Year long Mentoring Programme, (both online and offline) but we thought a TGPC pick might help you consider which is best for you right now.

We wish you every success in property.

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