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Katie Lewis

Katie is part of the high performing property lettings team, who manage Susannah’s large portfolio of single lets, blocks of flats, serviced apartments and shared houses.

All of Susannah’s properties are Bristol except one where her son lives in Glasgow. Glasgow based Grandma is an honorary member of the TGPC (grandson flat) inspection team and puts in the hours as a one woman student feeding station up in Scotland. Grandpa (Bob) benefits too!.

Katie is precise, detail orientated and manages the large number of utilities to the shared houses. She is great on the precise requirements for tenant check in and check outs. Katie has high standards and ensures the properties remain high quality to attract good quality tenants.

Katie is also great fun, super cool and lovely to be around.

As part of the Lettings Team Ildi focuses on:

  1. Days void (Ildi’s team has a target of fewer than 5 per month max, for a large portfolio, no mean feat to accomplish).
  2. Repairs outstanding (again no more than 5 overhanging the month, tough to achieve).
  3. No more than 10% of rent roll spent on repairs.
  4. The obvious ones such as rent paid, no bad debt and overheads within budget.

Have a look at some of the properties lettings Ildi and her colleagues work on…


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