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Meet the Team

Josh Smith

Bristol born and bred, Josh joined TGPC in the Lettings Department.

He manages Susie’s large portfolio of single lets, blocks of flats, serviced apartments and shared houses.

All of Susannah’s properties are Bristol except one where her son lives in Glasgow.

Grandma is an honorary member of the TGPC (grandson flat) inspection team and puts in the hours as a one woman student feeding station up in Scotland. Grandpa (Bob) benefits too!.

Josh threw his hat in the ring when the role of lettings manager came up.

He has been doing a fantastic job since.

We are pleased he is on board and enjoying watching him make a good, solid property portfolio even more profitable and well run, working well with his colleagues Pat and Ildi in the letting department.

His KPI’s are already sparkling (voids under his leadership are only 1.72%, not bad lad!). He is enjoying both the operational side of keeping properties high quality, rented, paid for and in great nick, and also the strategic side of focussing on the profitability and the efficiency of the portfolio.

His two main KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) are now Cost of Capital as a % of Rent Roll, and making sure that the Portfolios Loan to Value plus Susie’s age is less than 100.

His lettings team also focus on:

  1. Days void (they are targeted with 5 per month max, for a large portfolio, no mean feat to accomplish).
  2. Repairs outstanding (again no more than 5 overhanging the month, tough to achieve).
  3. No more than 10% of rent roll spent on repairs.
  4. The obvious ones such as rent paid, no bad debt and overheads within budget.

Josh recently presented on TGPC’s Flagship Mentoring Programme: Property Entrepreneur. He gave a measured, thoughtful and insightful talk on his day to day work. He also focussed on his longer term strategic planning for the portfolio.

He’s a keeper!

Have a look at some of the properties Josh and his team work on…

Deal Sourcing

None of these life changing (for Susannah) properties would have happened without the ability to source discounted property deals, in a high value city, where we were told when we started (by everyone we knew!) that you could not get a bargain when the city was competitive, full of people willing to pay over the odds and generally wealthy. 200 plus Sourced Deals later, in a period of 5 years, glad those folks pushed our challenge button!

If you’d like to learn more about Sourcing Deals, to build your own property portfolio, the way Susannah did, we have a number of fab resourced for you, in our Shop. Susannah works super hard on producing very high quality content for you.

Property was a life changer for her, and she wants it to be a life changer for you too.

We wish you every success in property

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