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Meet the Team

Arthur Dallimer

Arthur has worked with TGPC for a fair time now. He is planning a future as an entrepreneur and property developer. Currently attending auctions for his own property purchases, he has watched TGPC develop in lettings, property acquisition, Buy to Sell, Serviced Apartments, blocks of flats, shared houses and seen Susie raise Private Finance, so he has a good grounding in property development already.

Arthur brings his graft, attention to detail, flair and team spirit to the team. We plan another two years of working together and then (happily) will watch him develop his own business, and fly.

Our hopes for our TGPC Team

At TGPC, we always think it is best to be upfront about ambition and drive, so we can support our team. We want the team to be happy (and work super hard) in themselves. We try to match what they need / want to develop with TGPC’s work.

We also think it is important as employers to map out / support our team to grow as entrepreneurs. TGPC’s real success would be if they also become financially free through property.

Basically, so that our team do not need the J.O.B. any more. (Even if that means they actually decide to give it up, talented though the team are)

Susie sees that as success, so as soon as someone comes into the team, she starts nudging them in the direction of buying property. Arthur needs no push, he is super focussed on this being part of his future.

Professionally, he has qualifications in Accountancy. Being multi-skilled, at TGPC he has done wonders in the Marketing department. He focusses on social media and our website. True entrepreneur, he has regular late suppers with Susie planning the next stage of TGPC online, a fun and creative process, usually accompanied by pizza.


Online Resources for You Guys to Use to Succeed

We publish high quality Online Education for you to help you succeed.

We take huge amount of time and care in producing very high quality Property Education for you guys, so that you have the best chance of succeeding.

Check out some of the work Arthur has been involved in, which is all about helping you guys have the skills, knowledge and processes to succeed in your own property journey.



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