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Amber-Raj Das

Amber is our latest addition to the business, we hope to use her skills from previous paralegal employment in the organisation of the business.

Amber is super organised, a blessing.

At TGPC, Amber has a wide and varied role, due to those great organisational skills.

Education Department: Workshops

Education Department, Amber assists to make sure our Workshops are delivered seamlessly, working behind the scenes so that our Workshop delegates get the best property education experience.

Education Department: Volunteer Event Crew

At TGPC we are super lucky to have a great Event Crew, who volunteer with TGPC, supporting our Events and Talks.

Amber plans this wonderful army of (cuppa) tea servers, cake cutters, people welcomers and generally good sorts, with military precision, getting the right people to support the right events.

Head Office: Keeping it Organised & Growing!

Amber keeps both the strategic growth of the business supported, through technical innovation, as well as making sure the day to day office is a lovely place to work.

This is an exciting new part of her role, which is developing as TGPC grows. She will make a big impact on the business in this role.