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Meet the Team

Alex Boden

Alex has worked with TGPC since 2014, as Finance Director. He has high level technical and financial skills, and can read the accounts like a story book. He can see team performance woven through the accounts. This skill (it is fun to see happen) breathes life through the numbers, and brings a sense of perspective and incremental direction changes to the business, to help TGPC hit it’s goals. His work on property finance is extremely beneficial.

Alex works with Susannah on the Business Strategy. He is key to focussing the management team on having a clear idea of where we are going with TGPC and how we will get there. Alex is fundamentally important in developing a strategy to support the delivery of our game plan.

He helps bring in both the work practices and management tools to deliver to those goals.

Beautifully dressed (always!) and a very kind heart, Alex is a total grafter, one of us.

He is also a Landlord and property developer. He is building up his property portfolio with Susie’s encouragement. Alex is currently renovating a beautiful Grade 2 house, for fun and late nights!

Business Planning

Business Planning, great financial management and strong KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are super important in any business, and especially important in a property business. This is because property costs are large, when things go wrong it can be expensive, and property is often not a liquid business, being an asset investment.

So wether you are a sizeable scaled up team, or operating as a one man or one woman band, it is super important that you have a great Business Plan, measure your perfomance, and improve regularly, so succeed. We have written a fab Business Planning Pack for you to download immediately, to help you succeed in property.

Online Accounting System

We use Xero, which is an online accounting system. This means that in real time Susie can check the status of each of her businesses. The team can check against a number of pre-determined reports, as well as the preceding year and the planned financial activities. This allows us to see what has changed and what action the team need to take. A great overview for any company or property business.

Raising Private Finance Online Support for You

Have a look at our Resource Shop for you, chocked full of packs, online workshops and master classes as well as our online mentoring programme. Below we have listed some Raising Private Finance resources that may be of real benefit to you. Good luck!

We hope all these resources will be very useful for you and wish you every success in property!

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