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About us

About TGPC

Susannah Cole is highly respected in the Property Investing Community. Susannah is a well established property expert who has implemented a very successful flipping strategy, within a buzzing market place. She has a substantial property portfolio that include HMO’s and single lets, Serviced Apartments and blocks of flats and has raised £ millions of pounds in Private Finance.

Kitchen Table Start Up

Susannah started The Good Property Company in 2011, as a Kitchen table start up. In that time, she and her team have sourced, bought, sold or let out more than 200 properties, with a value of £45 million, and an agreed purchase price of £30 million (before refurb).

Susannah was Head of Household (a happier name for single parent) looking after 2 boisterous and loving children, and working in a full time J.O.B. (just over broke) and knew she needed to make a real difference in her life and in the lives of her children, as being Mum meant there was only a Plan A, no Plan B for her family, which felt insecure.

Family Safety

Her driver was family security rather than (flash) cash, and so for the first 18 months in property she did a full time job, initially took £60k out of her own home mortgage, then raised £600k in Private Finance in order to buy her initial (now dinky) £1.8 million portfolio in Bristol, which then allowed her to jump out of her J.O.B. and work full time in property. She now has an 8 figure property portfolio. 

She then continued to buy property non stop to build an eight figure property portfolio, which hit her family security goal, and then went on to keep buying (well, why not!) property, to include a Grade 2* listed Chapel, a Grade 2 house with no roof, a flat for her son, near her parents (Grandma’s cooking is the best) and a funky house earmarked for her daughter (but don’t tell her because pearls are formed with some grit first)

Not bad for a kitchen table start up.

We at TGPC have raised millions of pounds in Private Finance, run a sourcing business for 5 years (the plan was always to have a 5 year run, now no longer open for new investors), done a ton of Buy to Sell projects, worked (and continue to do so) with some great investors (and the odd one that required patience!) and we have build a fab team at TGPC, with great memories of our much loved TGPC Originals, who have all gone on to do good stuff in their lives. We miss them.

Susannah’s background

Her background is entrepreneurial:

  • She started a Fair Trade business when she was 23, which developed into a chain of retail shops in Scotland, running it for 7 years
  • She then worked full time advising international cashmere companies at Board level
  • On top of loving having a family, and ensuring Sunday was for family roast dinners, did an MBA in the evenings, graduating with a First.
  • She was part of the founding team of a Scottish wide youth volunteering charity which clocked up 1,000,000 volunteering hours in the first 18 months from start up.
  • Then came South from Scotland with her family to Bristol, and ran KISS the dance music radio station, which was a blast. (though on her first day in the London headquarters she did not recognise Rihanna at the station, d’oh!)
  • Her final job (ever!) was as Marketing Director for the SS Great Britain, a wonderful Bristol museum.

How can our experience help you?  


It means we have got tons of experience to help you succeed in property.

Susannah loves property and loves to give back, in the shape of Workshops, her Group Mentoring Programme, Property Entrepreneur 5 and Property Entrepreneur Online and online Property Resources helping others achieve (and hopefully, surpass) her own successes to date.

To help that knowledge sharing happen, she has created a ton of resources for you, so you can download and study online – here is the link to the Property Resource Shop page, where you will find online Packs for key property subjects, online Workshops, and Audio Books.

We also run great workshops, and have a Property Workshop Series Planned  for you for 2017

Check out our facebook page, with tons of FREE property knowledge, or, if videos are the way you like to learn, put the kettle on, brew up a cuppa and sit back and enjoy the great videos featured on our YouTube Channel, with bags of property knowledge for you.

We post daily videos on the YouTube Channel, and upload them to our website for you too.

And if you want more on property then fab. We have the Blog, which you can check out, where we post information, speedbumps and things we have learnt in property, so that you might bypass some of our mistakes, pick up some great tips and really get a handle on property investing.

Susannah and TGPC have also been regularly features in the media, writing about property, covering key aspect that affect landlords, great property strategies and giving good information on her experience in property which you can benefit from.

If you’d like to read the press articles where Susannah or TGPC has featured, here is the link for you.

We hope all of this helps give you an idea of TGPC, and our experience and straightforward approach to property and to working with folks.

Susannah is super proud of the high quality Mentoring Programme TGPC runs: Property Entrepreneur 5. A high performing curriculum based programme, drawing people from all over the UK (and flying in from Switzerland and Newcastle too!) to meet monthly in Bristol, to focus on the Wealth Creating Key Areas in Property. A fantastic programme, well worth joining to support you in your property success.

If you might prefer to benefit from TGPC’s mentoring programme in the comfort of your own armchair (good choice, comfort kings and queens!) then we can help you: we have also moved the Flagship Mentoring Programme online: Property Entrepreneur Online

If you want to have a peek at some of the properties we have done, check out the Case Studies page, so you can look at our cookie cutters.

Please do get in touch with us – we can be contacted at our office on 0117 942 8914 or you can email us through the website.

Take care and we wish you every success in property!

Enjoy the website, we want it to be chock full of good resource for you.

Susannah and the TGPC team

"Having investigated over 20 property ""gurus"" who offered coaching, I decided to join Susie's year long coaching programme.

The quality content of the course was delivered in a slick and polished format, and Susie's enthusiasm for property and people shined through. But the real test of a coaching programme is: was it worth it, and would I do it again?

The answers are: Yes and Yes.

I have no regrets attending Susie's coaching programme as it definitely accelerated my property journey with practical tips and advice, for example, how to raise private investment for property deals.

Best of all, the direct £ value of the programme, from deals done with other mentees in the room, was worth many times the cost. So in a way the course was free, which is good because that's my favourite price!

If you're looking for a coaching programme, and what Susie offers fits your needs, I'm happy to recommend it."

Colin Mcnautly

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